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View previous seasons' results or vote for your personal favorite anime of the current season, if available. Also, continuing shows that began in the previous season are not eligible for the ballot.

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Spring 2022 Polls

Mar 18Anticipated ShowsClosed
Winter 2022 Polls

Mar 31Best Anime BoyClosed
Mar 31Best Anime GirlClosed
Mar 31Best Male Voice ActorClosed
Mar 31Best Female Voice ActressClosed
Mar 25Anime of the SeasonClosed
Dec 17Anticipated ShowsClosed
Fall 2021 Polls

Dec 24Best Anime BoyClosed
Dec 24Best Anime GirlClosed
Dec 23Best Male Voice ActorClosed
Dec 23Best Female Voice ActressClosed
Dec 17Anime of the SeasonClosed
Sep 21Anticipated ShowsClosed
Summer 2021 Polls

Sep 24Best Anime BoyClosed
Sep 24Best Anime GirlClosed
Sep 24Anime of the SeasonClosed
Sep 21Best Female Voice ActressClosed
Sep 21Best Male Voice ActorClosed
Jun 21Anticipated ShowsClosed
Spring 2021 Polls

Jun 25Best Anime BoyClosed
Jun 25Best Anime GirlClosed
Jun 25Best Male Voice ActorClosed
Jun 25Best Female Voice ActressClosed
Jun 25Anime of the SeasonClosed
Mar 23Anticipated ShowsClosed
Winter 2021 Polls

Apr 01Best Anime GirlClosed
Apr 01Best Anime BoyClosed
Mar 30Best Male Voice ActorClosed
Mar 30Best Female Voice ActressClosed
Mar 26Anime of the SeasonClosed
Dec 25Anticipated ShowsClosed
Fall 2020 Polls

Dec 18Anime of the SeasonClosed
Summer 2020 Polls

Sep 25Anime of the SeasonClosed